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Project Proposal

Updated Project Proposal - Action Plan and Bibliography

Student ID: LAB16496150

Name: Julia Labis

Pathway: Fashion


My project is about seeking a solution for sustainable design in slow fashion, and medieval techniques that could be used for that purpose. I have been exploring the theme of tension between craftsmanship and machinery informed by the Bonotto Company - the core of my research giving me a quotation to fuel all my further experimentation – to “paint the air with the culture of hands that think”. When it comes to visual references my research into Jean Tinguely’s sculptures was very successful because I extracted exciting ideas for silhouette development– using pieces of scrap metal to drape and find shapes. I achieved all planned outcomes for this project and even managed to prepare shoes to complete the look. The only element that is different is that I have decided to exhibit my garment and photographs of it on the body alongside the sketchbook, not a set of samples. I changed this because I assumed that the sketchbook would show the potential of my work in a broader way than only a set of samples.

The tangible making of both samples and the final outcome – especially when it comes to the colour exploration and techniques – was an element of my work that helped me develop my idea successfully. The nalbound structure combined with colourful embroidery resembles clouds with dynamic brushstrokes and the fringes interact with the air when the body moves. During this project the time management was an important element, since all of my making processes were very time consuming. The initial time table I had has almost not changed at all, as I was very strict with keeping up to date with what I was doing. However, next time I need to remember to put my draping work on the body quicker. For this project I was working a lot on a smaller scale at the beginning. I think that approaching the silhouette ideas in a bigger scale from the start would have been better. I could have also relied less on paintings of other artists and used my own paintings to add more personal references.

 My biggest weakness that I would wish to change in this project is the dyeing process – this is the only element that was not sustainable. I wanted to reduce the harm that chemical dyes have on the environment by using same water for dyeing for few times, but it is definitely an element I would like to work on. The painted print I was experimenting with is also an idea that would need to be reworked. Possibly if I had more time I could experiment with a range of printing techniques and not limit myself to painting only. This then combined with more design development ideas from the very initial, small scale draping could push my project in a new direction.

On the whole I consider the project to be a successful one and working on it was a great challenge for me as I have never undertaken a subject that could raise a social discussion before. In fact, I have become so interested in the slow fashion movement that I would like to take these experiences with me into my further education and practice by developing the craft behind knitted fashion.



10 July 2017, 9:30 AM
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